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‚ÄčHow Dogs Could Affect Your Pool Water

Your dog loves swimming in the pool as much as you do. Are there any issues that could cause problems from your furry canine swimming in it? Below, here are some things that need to be known about a dog in a pool.

First, chlorine in a swimming pool will not hurt your dog. But can your dog affect the pool?
Dogs and other pets should NOT be allowed to swim in the pool or spa. A single dog in a pool is equivalent to 3 or more people.

It will raise the pH and quickly consume the pool's chlorine. This creates a nightmare for the equipment and pool plaster, if not corrected quickly.

Animals ALWAYS have small particles of fecal matter stuck in their fur. This fecal matter WILL contaminate the pool's water aiding in the transmission of Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI's) such as E. coli, Giardia, Hepatitis A and Cryptosporidium.

Besides the effect on the pool's water chemistry, the fur of a dog will get caught in the pools equipment resulting in more frequent service and/or replacement of parts and higher service and maintenance costs. Dogs in swimming pools are hard on the filter, chemistry and equipment. Dog hair can clog a skimmer or pump basket very quickly. Especially a hairy dog. Clog a pump basket on a 2 HP pool pump repeatedly, and you may have a pump repair on your hands. The longer the hair on your dog, the more it will shed, and clog the baskets and filter. Dog hair can also get behind the baskets and clog the pump impeller. 

As much fun as your dog probably has playing in the pool, wading around like a wet rat, it is a risk you take having them in there.