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How The “Santa Anas” Can Affect Your Pool

The “Santa Ana’s” are strong, extremely dry, hot winds that normally blow westward toward the coast. 

They can wreak havoc on your pool.  When the Santa Ana’s blow, we will do everything we can to get to your pool quickly. 

We will check chemicals, empty all baskets and net out as much debris as possible.  There is no point in vacuuming until after the winds subside.  It is more efficient to net out as much large debris as possible.

Unfortunately, we cannot spend hours at each pool.  We owe it to all customers, to spend time at their pool and there is not enough time in a day to allow several hours at one pool.

Depending on how long the winds last, your pool should be back to normal on your next service day after the winds subside.  It could take longer if the winds are severe.

There are some things that you can do to protect your pool and equipment until we arrive.

·        Net out as much debris as possible

·        Empty your skimmer basket multiple times

·        If you have an automated cleaner, turn it off, or take it out of the water.

·        Move, and, or tie down your patio furniture, so it does not end up in the pool

·        Keep all glass away from the pool…if glass breaks in your pool, we will have to drain all the water to make sure it is completely cleaned out

·        If a lot of debris is blowing into the pool, the easiest and smartest thing to do is to turn your pool off